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Are You Done with Apartment Living?

GettyImages 471771674 300x200 Are You Done with Apartment Living?

With the academic year at an end and people getting “spring fever,” many apartment leases come due and people think about moving. But this spring could be more than simply a change from one multi-family housing complex to another. Why not consider owning your own home? Modular homes are affordable and offer a great value because of their superior construction, and Fiesta Homes can help you find the model that fits your lifestyle, family and budget. Continue reading

5 Ways to Be a Smart Modular Home Buyer

GettyImages 471771674 300x200 5 Ways to Be a Smart Modular Home Buyer

Buying a new home is exhilarating, but it can be nerve-racking, too. Unlike conventional homes, the modular home buying process is often more similar to the car buying process. Just as you prepare yourself before you head to the lot, you should do the same before heading to a modular home seller. Here’s how: Continue reading

Why Consider a Modular Home?

benefits 300x200 Why Consider a Modular Home?

If you are in the market for a new home, you might find the best value in a modular home from Fiesta Homes. Modular homes afford some unique benefits that conventional construction just can’t match.

Timely Construction

Conventional home construction is very Continue reading

Why Consider Factory-Direct Ordering

GettyImages 471091557 Why Consider Factory Direct Ordering

Finding the perfect home isn’t easy. If you’ve tried the traditional real estate market, you’ve likely spent months going from one house to another in the hopes that the next one will have all of the features you want…but it never does. Of course you could build your custom home, but what if your budget just does not have room for such a sizable mortgage payment?

When you can’t seem to find or build your dream home, you don’t have to settle. You can get the exact home you want when you order your modular home factory-direct. Continue reading

Is Financing a Modular Home Harder?

GettyImages 164113230 Is Financing a Modular Home Harder?

Paying for a new home out of pocket is beyond the budget of almost anyone. This makes financing the costs of your home incredibly important. But what if you want a new home without the lengthy construction involved with traditionally built homes? You can finance a modular home just as you would a stick-built home.

The Loan Process

For both traditionally built and modular homes, a would-be home buyer needs to: Continue reading

Stick-Built: What Is It? How Do Modular Homes Compare?

GettyImages 173203805 Stick Built: What Is It? How Do Modular Homes Compare?

Modular homes are assembled at one location, transported mostly (or entirely) complete and set on site. Stick-built homes, however, are what we consider “traditionally” built homes that are constructed entirely on site. When choosing between a modular home and a stick-built home, are you going to get better quality from one instead of the other? You might be surprised! Continue reading

Monthly Special

Clayton Hidden Pantry 16X80

This is largest singlewide we have in stock over 1200 square feet. Real wood cabinet doors, brushed nickel handles and a hidden pantry laundry room that even has a mop sink or room for your freezer. Oh, and don’t forget about the huge soaker tub and separate shower in the master bath.

Floor plans start at $50,900

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