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Why Say, “Goodbye, Rentals! Hello, Modular homes!”

GettyImages 471091557 300x199 Why Say, “Goodbye, Rentals! Hello, Modular homes!”Current renters, it may be easier to achieve your dream of owning your home than you think! Compared to conventional, stick-built homes, modular homes offer a number of benefits that allow you to get a customized home quickly and affordably.

Design Flexibility

Modular homes are constructed indoors, assembly-line-style. This method of construction makes it easy for manufacturers to cost-effectively customize nearly any aspect of your new home. You get to choose from hundreds of design possibilities—floor plan, window style, fixtures and more!

Less Expensive

Modular homes are less expensive to build. Plain and simple. But, they are often also more easily financed through banks, manufacturers and other lenders. And, modular homes are typically eligible for first-time homebuyer and other discounts and tax credits.

Speed of Construction

Because modular homes are factory-manufactured, construction can adhere to a strict schedule, which virtually eliminates construction delays. Plus, modular home frames are not exposed to adverse climactic conditions. And, since most materials are stocked at the construction facility, there are fewer delays compared to stick-built homes that may face shipping delays for materials sourced from vendors across the country.

Available Locally

The modular home of your dreams is available locally at Fiesta Homes in Las Cruces, NM. We offer a variety of modular and mobile homes, and we work with you to find a home that meets your family’s needs and budget. We help you explore every floor plan and customization option so that your factory-built home is truly your home. Contact or visit us to view available homes and learn more about financing options.

Monthly Special

TRU Steal ll 28×72

The largest home we have for the least amount of money. It is called “The Steal II” It is almost 2000 square feet 4 bedroom with 2 baths living room and family room. Large utility room with freezer space. Dual pane windows and upgraded insulation makes this the best affordable home in town.

Floor plans start at $67,000
SALE $59,900