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Spring Remodeling Tips for Your Modular Home

GettyImages 891274328 300x200 Spring Remodeling Tips for Your Modular HomeRemodeling your modular home allows you to give your factory model a personal touch and increase its overall value. And spring is the perfect time to get started on those projects you’ve been thinking about all winter.

But before you tear out walls or get knee-deep in carpet samples, take some time to plan your remodel for a smoother, more cost-effective renovation.

Here are three tips from the seasons professionals at Fiesta Homes:

1. Plan Ahead

Proper planning is an absolute must before beginning a home remodel. Before you do anything:

  • Develop a budget
  • Research comparable products to find the best value
  • Create a timeline to keep you (or your contractor) on task

Making a plan early on and following it will allow you to save valuable time and money that could be better applied elsewhere.

2. Hire Smart

A simple remodel could quickly turn into a disaster without the proper help. If you do not have the DIY skills it takes to renovate your modular home, you will need to find a qualified contractor. But not just any contractor will have the right experience to help you with your remodel and/or work on a modular home.

To find a contractor you can trust:

  • Read reviews
  • Ask friends and family for referrals
  • Meet with the contractor and their crew (if possible)

You need to do your research to make the best hiring selection for your upcoming remodel.

3. Remember the Big Picture

Consider big picture, long-term costs when planning your remodel. For instance, think about:

  • Lifetime maintenance costs of appliances, flooring or other fixtures
  • Energy savings or expenses associated with upgrades

Sometimes less initial expense can add to greater overall costs in the future.

If you need recommendations or ideas for remodeling your modular home, visit Fiesta Homes.

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