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What Square Footage Is Right for You?

Karsten Enchantment 30X70 Floor Plan 3 300x189 What Square Footage Is Right for You?So, you’ve decided to invest in a new modular home—a wise choice. But now that you know what type of home you want, you need to determine what size of home you need. To make sure you get the home of your dreams, you need the right square footage. Fiesta Homes has some guidelines to help you find just the right size modular home for you and your family.

National Averages

If you’ve never owned a home before, it can be difficult to translate square footage into living space. Seeing national averages might help.

According to recent US Census data, the average household size is 2.6 people, and the average house size is approximately 2,631 square feet. That means most houses afford approximately 1,000 square feet per person. For apartment dwellers, that may feel like a luxurious space since the average 2-bedroom apartment in 2016 was only 1,126 square feet.

Considerations for Square Footage

National averages are just a good starting place. To find your ideal square footage, you need to consider your family’s needs now and in the future. To help you determine whether you need more or less than 1,000 square feet per person, know the answers to questions like:

  • Do you intend to have more children?
  • Will your children be leaving home soon to go to school or live on their own?
  • Do you foresee aging parents or relatives living with you?

Obviously, if you plan on having more children or welcoming elder family members into your home, you are likely to need more space—likely a bedroom for each expected family member, and perhaps an additional bathroom for every two bedrooms you add.

However, even if you need more bedrooms, your ideal space may include smaller common areas, especially if you would like to keep heating and cooling expenses manageable. Do be aware, though, that there is a limit to how much you should shrink the size of common areas, especially the kitchen. Spacious kitchens are among the top factors affecting resale value.

Visualizing Your Ideal Space

It may be easier to find the ideal square footage when you can see how those numbers translate into actual floor plans. Visit Fiesta Homes to tour model modular homes and explore a range of floor plan drawings. Our modular home experts can help you translate your family’s size and lifestyle preferences into the right square footage.

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